The physiotherapists at PhysioSpot can help with all your rehabilitation needs.

We can help improve and restore function following reconstructive surgery, joint replacement, back and neck pain and orthopaedic surgery. Recovery time following surgery can also be improved with pre-habilitation. We can prepare you for surgery with exercises and education to ensure the best possible outcome.

We can also assist in improving mobility and general strength and conditioning following illness or hospital admission.

Our physiotherapists will design a total care plan to restore movement and help you achieve good health and fitness so that you can enjoy life, working in conjunction with your doctor, specialist and family/carer as required.

Your initial consultation will be with the physiotherapist who will assess your problem and set recovery goals. A program will be tailored to your needs and may include other practitioners in our team.

Hydrotherapy, Group Physio Exercise or clinical pilates may be recommended, and any foot or gait problems may involve the podiatrist. Exercise programs will be given for you to perform at home if you are unable to attend the practice. 

PhysioSpot also offers massage to help relax your body and mind and work on tight muscles.

Contact PhysioSpot today to discuss your rehabilitation needs.